Feel, Sense or Meet Your Twin Flame

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin      

I’m a clinical hypnotist, hypnosis instructor and channel who teaches others to go into trance and channel for themselves. Years ago, when I was first learning to become a hypnotist, I spent hours in trance. It was then that my twin soul connected with me on the astral plane, like a spirit guide. He took me by surprize and his appearance came as a shock. I’d never heard of a twin soul before I collided with mine.

A year later, Christ appeared. He was larger than life and more real than you or me. At the time, I was a practicing Buddhist.  I was also working in the corporate world as a Chartered Investment Manager. My encounter with Christ changed my life.  B
oth experiences were more powerful than imaginable.

Today, clients that I work with, both in-person and on Skype, have also become channels and they too have connected with their twin flames, spirit guides or Angels on the astral plane. While in trance, some have also seen their twin souls in the future and later connected with them in person.

The ages of my clients range from 14 to 70 and both younger and older clients have connected with their twin souls in spirit.  I’m amazed by the experiences of my younger clients and the wisdom they gain through their deep trance explorations.  They have all reported receiving higher teachings and feeling more loved.It’s interesting to note that most of my clients weren’t seeking a twin soul nor were they aware of what a twin soul was.  They wanted to let go of bad habits, develop new positive behaviors, and get their life more on-track.  Some simply wished to explore consciousness.  Regardless, once they were in trance, their soul took them where they needed to go.

Hypnosis is just meditation with a purpose. You can meditate to connect with your twin flame’s higher-self, with your spirit guides, Angels or deceased loved ones. With practice, almost anyone can go into trance and connect with the other half of your soul and your highest guides.

If you had the attention span to finish reading this post then you’re likely an excellent candidate for hypnosis and/or meditation!

Thank you and enjoy a wonderful new year!

Elizabeth Rose

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