Evidence of Reincarnation?

Many Lifetimes“I want to be the best version of myself for anyone who is going to someday walk into my life and need someone to love them beyond reason.”
― Jennifer Elisabeth

On March 9, 2013, I volunteered for a Past Life Regression demonstration in one of the classes at the Ontario Hypnosis Centre.

After a lengthy hypnotic induction, I found myself in another lifetime. The word ‘Mayan’ came to mind and I could see a town that appeared Mexican. The realization that I spoke Spanish hit me so I wondered if I was in Spain. When the instructor inquired about the date and my name, I heard myself say, “1712” then heard a man’s voice call “Ana Maria” and somehow knew that my name was just Maria.

In that lifetime, I loved to dress in bright colourful dresses and dance. I was artistic and passionate, but also had a red hot temper. Though just a young woman, I referred to myself as a leader.

At one point, I found myself with children on a beach at what seemed to be a Sunday School picnic.  I loved playing with the children and wondered if I was a Sunday School teacher.

My last activity in that life was to lead the town’s community in a slow determined march of defiance. It was emotional and dramatic. We marched down the street in a conflict against some invisible authorities hiding behind barricades. I took the lead.  Wearing my finest dress, I viewed this march as a grand performance. As we walked, our heads were held high. Our movements were filled with grace, passion, and fierce determination.

Like a Spanish dancer, I stepped slowly toward the barricade. Like the slow steady rap from a snare drum, I slammed my feet into the ground with every step.

When the authorities opened fire, it seemed I was alone.  It seemed that everyone around me had scattered for cover.  I felt bullets pierce my body and like a rag doll, collapsed into a pool of my own blood.  As I lay dying, the last words out of my mouth were a cry to Santa Maria, the Blessed Virgin Mary, to come to me.

My spirit rose above my body and as I looked down on the scene, I was amazed to see that the people had been marching behind me.  I hadn’t been alone.  Now in death, I deeply regretted having led these amazing people to their demise.  Perhaps things could have been reconciled with better communication.

After the past life regression, I went home and did some on-line research.  The following seemed to match the date and names that came to me (paraphrased):

Indian Women of Early Mexico
By Susan Schroeder, Stephanie Gail Wood

In the summer of 1712, a young Maya woman’s ecstatic vision of the Virgin Mary captured the imagination of native peoples throughout the southern province of Chiapas, in New Spain. Encouraged by her stepmother, Maria Lopez had told her story to her neighbours in Cancuc, and news of the miracle spread quickly to Tzeltal and Tzotzil villages nearby. Some greeted her account with skepticism, but she won over the town magistrates and city councilmen. They organized a work party to construct a small \chapel at the site of the miracle, and Maria took up residence there carrying on regular conversations with the Blessed Mother, and outside the threshold, she began to preach to ever-increasing numbers of pilgrims.

Through late June and July, the preaching of this thirteen-year-old Maya woman attracted followers from indigenous towns throughout the highlands. Continued Spanish attempts to suppress the cult only aroused greater interest among the curious and provoked greater militancy among the faithful.  Town officials were imprisoned but in August, they escaped and returned to Cancuc. The provincial bishop announced the start of a pastoral inspection tour that would inevitably impose new burdens. From the shrine center, Maria Lopez called the Mayas to war: “Jesus, Maria, and Joseph. Seniores alcades: I, the Virgin of the Rosary, command you to come to the pueblo of Cancuc. Bring all the silver from your church, and the ornaments and bells, with all the cajas (local treasuries) anddrums, and all the books and money of the cofradias (confraternities), because now there is neither God nor King. Come at once, because those who do not come will be punished Y a Dios. Cuidad Real de Cancuc. La Virgen Santissima Maria de la Cruz.”

This sparked one of the largest and most prolonged Indian rebellions in the history of New Spain.  Maria Lopez played a unique, essential, and very public role until the bitter end of the uprising, when Cancuc was overrun by Spanish forces on November 21, 1712.

Described as “A charismatic provocateur,” her adept public performances sustained the spirit of the rebel faithful, made tangible the leadership’s claims to a higher moral authority, and enabled them to extract hard sacrifices from their followers. Yet her performances defied Maya (and Spanish) norms that excluded women from formal participation in public positions of civil authority.

Many LifetimesHere’s another “evidence of reincarnation” story that appeared on-line recently (http://www.therichest.com/rich-list/most-shocking/10-real-life-x-files-cases-that-nobody-can-explain/6/):

“In 1957, rural Northumberland, UK was the scene of a tragic car accident that claimed the lives of 11-year old Joanna and 6-year old Jacqueline Pollock. After a period of grieving, their mother fell pregnant again. Their father, John was a strict Catholic who didn’t believe in reincarnation. However, he became convinced that his wife was going to carry twins that possessed the reborn souls of the girls. Despite doctors insisting that there was only one fetus, Florence gave birth to twin girls Jennifer and Gillian one year later.

Baby Jennifer had identical birthmarks to her dead sister, Jacqueline and also had a strange white line across her forehead in exactly the same spot as her sister had a scar from a bike accident. When the twins were three months old, the family moved from Hexham to Whitley Bay, never setting foot in the place again until the twins were four-years old. When they returned, the twins excitedly pointed out places they had never been before, such as “their school” which they swore they used to attend. They were able to name every toy that the dead girls had possessed and played games where they pointed out, with eerie accuracy, where Gillian had blood coming from her eyes “because that’s where the car hit me”. They also developed a hysterical fear of certain types of car.

When the twins turned five, all of their ‘memories’ disappeared overnight. John and Florence had never spoken of their dead sisters in front of them until they were almost adults. Eminent psychologist Dr Ian Stevenson studied the case and declared the twins to be a result of reincarnation.”

Whether we have lived these previous lifetimes or are able to step into the consciousness of peoples past, past life regression is an interesting exploration.  What are your thoughts?  Who do you think you were in previous lifetimes?