Full Immersion Intensive

“You can only heal others to the level that you yourself are healed.”
Elizabeth Channeling 39 Angels

This month was the 2 Year Anniversary of Full Immersion Intensive where my clients experience hours or days of channelled healing, channelled hypnosis, and channelled messages.

It started in April of 2015. I’d been a direct channel for just 6 months when Krista Moore asked me to come to the Dominican Republic to channel, facilitate traditional hypnosis techniques, plus do energy healing protocols that I’d learned with Dr. Sharon Forrest. It would be a working vacation.

In the Dominican, Krista was deep in trance while I was facilitating a traditional hypnosis session, when 39 Angels stepped into me.  They took over the session and from that point on, all my hypnosis and healing sessions became channelled. The Angels said, “By the end of this vacation, Krista will also become a direct channel.” Indeed, within a week, Krista started channelling so she joined me at the 2015 Toronto Spring Psychic Fair.

The 39 Angels explained that this was their “Full Immersion into Spirit Intensive” protocol and it would heal and clear my clients at mental, emotional, spiritual and this could heal their physical bodies because there was an emotion behind every illness.  Throughout the process, as they cleared away emotional blocks and negative energies, clients would also receive new energies and upon completion, everyone would become direct channels and healers themselves. Full Immersion Intensive would take clients to much higher levels of consciousness because it was a healing of the soul.

I remember thinking to myself at the time, “That’s quite the master plan. Turn everyone into channels so everyone can have Conversations with God.

Krista joined me again this year at the 2017 Toronto Spring Psychic Fair where I did 67 channelled readings. In Toronto, I also did more channelled readings and taught a workshop on Michael Sheridan’s Dream Interpretation at her healing center, Krista Moore Miracles.

While channelling at this year’s Psychic Fair, I seemed to have even more clarity and also noticed that many people receiving readings were brought to tears.

“Tears are truth. Tears are healing.”
Elizabeth Channels 39 Angels

With time and practice, over the past 2.5 years, the channelling has become clearer and faster so Full Immersion Intensive grads have this to look forward to!

Krista has followed a similar path and experienced similar results with her clients. We’re both in awe of how the Angels speak and heal through us, plus awaken people to a higher level of consciousness. Thank you Krista for a fun and miraculous time in the Dominican, for your excellent marketing and promotion during the Psychic Fairs, and for hosting my channelling sessions and the Dream Interpretation Workshop at your center in Toronto!

These days, my clients can experience Full Immersion for hours or days via Skype, on the telephone, or in-person at therosecottage.ca in Saint John, NB. Clients who’ve stayed at The Rose Cottage have come from Canada, the USA and as far away as England, Spain and New Zealand. I’ve also traveled, taught and channelled in some amazing places, including Australia.

The Angels tell me how many sessions a client requires in order to be healed to a level where they can begin channelling for themselves.  So far, every Full Immersion graduate has achieved this goal. Some clients have even started their own healing centers around the world.

Krista opened Moore Miracles in Toronto and in June, Theresa Walton and Barb Stillman will open Trancension in Saint John. Starting this summer, I look forward to channelling at Trancension!

Those who regularly attend my Monday Night Group Channelling Sessions in Saint John have also become Direct Channels. I welcome anyone who’s curious to drop by on Monday nights at The Rose Cottage from 7-9pm at therosecottage.ca!

2017 Toronto Spring Psychic Fair