Desperate for your Twin Flame?

Seal Happiness“It sounds like a cliché but I also learnt that you’re not going to fall for the right person until you really love yourself and feel good about how you are.”  Emma Watson

I receive hundreds of requests on how to find a Twin Flame. Many people seeking their soul mate or twin flame have expressed desperation. In one channelling session, a client wept, then got angry, and demanded, “I need to find my twin flame now! I’m lonely and need a husband for my children. I don’t want to be alone anymore! Where is he? What’s his name? Where do I find him?”

The Angels I channelled were very kind but explained that the client needed to do some emotional healing before she would attract the right husband.  They explained that her desperation would only attract an inappropriate partner and this would benefit neither her nor her children.

Many people are driven by a desperate need to feel loved.  The problem is that we’re often looking for love outside ourselves because we feel incomplete.

Are you desperately seeking love?  Stop and think for a moment, what if you could feel the love you seek?  What would that feel like?

Take a deep breath, use your imagination, and just feel love.  To immerse yourself in the experience, close your eyes.  Do this now.

How did that go?  Did you feel love?
Animal-Planet-Husky-And-Tiger-BabiesIf you didn’t feel love, picture a baby animal, perhaps a tiny kitten, a puppy, or a baby elephant.  Imagine that baby animal cuddling, playing, and having fun.  Plant a smile on your face and enjoy thinking about how adorable that baby animal is.  Close your eyes and do this now.

Can you feel the love?

Animal babies are playful, cuddly and adorable all on their own.  They don’t work at being adorable.  They just are and we love them for it.  If you want to feel wonderful, every morning, start your day by looking at baby animal pictures or videos.  This is scientifically proven to improve your mood.

It’s the same for human babies.

Do you want to cute-baby-animals-3feel loved?  Use your imagination and picture the innocent baby that you once were.  Imagine yourself as a tiny adorable baby in your crib.  Now, imagine yourself picking-up that tiny beautiful baby that is you, and holding it close.  Feel love for this little baby and begin rocking it in your arms.  Picture that little baby smiling back at you, as you tell it how much you love it.  Repeat over and over again,  “I love you, just for being you.”

A baby doesn’t need to prove itself to you.  It’s beautiful all on its own.  It doesn’t need someone else to make it complete.

If you’re feeling a little too desperate about finding love, here’s an effective therapy:

Every night, before you fall asleep, turn off the television.  Turn off the radio.  Perhaps play some zen or spa music.  Picture yourself as a tiny baby.  See, sense, feel yourself as that tiny baby in a cradle. Then, imagine your adult self picking-up that baby and rocking little you in your arms. Love and nurture the baby that is you.

Cute-Baby-Animals-HD-WallpaperRepeat this process every night just before you fall asleep.  Really feel the love for that tiny baby.  Appreciate that little child just for being itself.  Imagine yourself playing with this child. As you fall asleep, be sure to smile.

Do this every night for 30 days.  It takes only a few moments of your time.  Each night, see the child that is you growing-up in a warm, safe, and happy environment.  Let the child that is you know how much you love it.  Tell it that you’ll always be there.  In this way, you’ll rewire your neural network and begin to feel love for yourself.  You’ll “re-parent” yourself.  This will significantly shift your energy in a positive way.  This is a technique that teaches your heart and brain to love yourself, for simply being you.  As a result, you’ll be in a better position to attract a mate who is also loving.

As You Heal Yourself, You Heal the World

Once you feel love for yourself, practice feeling love for your neighbours every night.  After 30 days, practice feeling love for your community.  Over time, feel love for every person in your country.  Then feel love for everyone in the world.  Turn your focus to nature and love the plants, birds, and animals.  Love the whales, dolphins, and fish. Love the wild habitat and everything in it.

Thoughts are things and we’re all connected.  As you lift yourself, you lift the world, and everyone in it.

In Light and Love,

Elizabeth Rose


  1. Anne Anderson says:

    What a beautiful way to explain how to live yourself.I have had a child,married to a man for 30 yrs,devastated because he left me,but then I started meditation and realized how come he didn’t love me and then a light came on, “You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.” Since then that’s what I’ve been doing. Your reading is precise and beautifully written. I love it!! So thankful to happen to come across it! So thankful and excited at same time.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Anne,

      Thank you for sharing, and for your kind words. Much appreciated. Wishing you joy!