Dead but Not Departed

Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”  C.S. Lewis

©ARTBEATSª Box 1287 Myrtle Creek, OR 97457 503-863-4429 503-863-4547 FAXToday we remember how Christ died on the cross then rose from the dead.  When Jesus walked on the Earth, he was a prophet and teacher, delivering messages to forgive, be courageous, and love unconditionally.  We are given a choice to either evolve in consciousness or devolve.  Jesus’ teachings created a path for the soul’s salvation.  The name Jesus means, “God saves.”  Following in his footsteps leads to higher consciousness.

Jesus healed everyone who asked, either remotely, or by placing his hands on a person’s head and praying.  Divine light would rush through his hands, flow into the afflicted person, and push out the darkness.  The healing was a miraculous demonstration of God’s love.

Christ is still with us.  At the age of 5, Dr. Sharon Forrest received healing energies from Jesus.  Today, she transmits these divine energies called CCMBA and CCSMC, so that anyone can heal in the same manner that Jesus healed.  As one of her many students, I now teach and transmit these same energies so that everyone can experience healing, and learn to channel these divine energies themselves, as Jesus did.

With hands-on healing, you never know what’s going to happen because the healing is in divine hands.  Divinity works through you.  Some people experience healing, some awaken spiritually, and some fall into trance and see amazing visions.  With hands-on healing, all things are possible.

When the divine light pushes out the darkness, it’s often visible on the skin.  Dr. Forrest calls this stigmata.  Below are a few photographs from my sessions.   In the winter, people are fully clothed, so it’s hard to say what else is appearing beneath the clothing.  One of my younger students pulled together a group of his friends for a healing class.  He was amazed by what he witnessed and said, “I’m willing to strip down right now to see what else is going on!”  The student kept his clothes on, but I appreciated his volunteering for a more scientific view of the phenomenon.

What I’ve discovered is that, regardless of your belief system, Christ is very much alive in spirit and working through all of us.  Just ask and your eyes will be opened.

Wishing you a Happy Easter!

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