CCMBA CCSMC (Hands-On Healing)

At the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, part of my studies included CCMBA (complete cellular mind and body alignment) and CCSMC (complete cellular soul memory clearing).  Researchers claim that CCMBA and CCSMC, taught by Dr. Sharon Forrest, is the most powerful hands on healing technique in the medical and spiritual fields today.  Indeed, the miraculous healing that I witnessed at the OHC was like something out of the Bible.

At her workshops, Dr. Sharon Forrest has been transmiting these two energies to healers around the world, and I can only describe it as divine.  Once you have this energy flowing through you, amazing healing can take place.  It can be subtle or nothing short of miraculous.

A student volunteered to demonstrate in front of the class.  She sat on a chair while Tariq Sattaur, the Executive Director of the OHC, showed us the technique to channel the CCMBA and CCSMC energies.  It’s simple and takes only 90 minutes.

What We Witnessed

The student sat with her eyes closed and a calm expression on her face while Tariq placed his hands on specific points on her head.  As we observed, very gradually, human bite marks appeared on her upper left arm.  Around her neck, two thick red rings, like noose marks, slowly surfaced on her skin.  A long red mark near her left ear also appeared.  Curiously, at one point, there was a distinct smell of butterscotch toffee.

The Student’s Comments

The student experienced nothing but a wonderful positive feeling throughout the entire session.  When shown the bite marks on her shoulder, she couldn’t explain them.  They faded soon after.  Tariq explained that the noose marks likely surfaced to release the trauma of a past life experience when she was hanged.  By chance, we had all witnessed that particular past life regression in an earlier class when she was regressed back to a life as young African warrior who was captured, put into slavery, taken across the ocean and forced into hard labour.  Eventually, a neighbour hanged the young man for something trivial.  To hear this regression was shocking, heart breaking and I’ll never forget it.  The butterscotch toffee was about a vivid childhood memory.

As students, we partnered with another student to practice the hands-on healing technique. The student I worked with was lovely woman who was already a professional healer.  While I was working with her, she fell into a deep trance.  Her eyes rolled back and I watched in astonishment as her face darkened and became like a man’s, complete with the dark shadow of a mustache and beard.  Tariq noticed the transformation and asked her, “Who are you?”  In a strange voice, the student said, “Neesa”.  I continued to ask questions and it turned out that she had regressed to a time when she was a powerful male healer living in 232 BC.  She had been considered a threat and had been killed in a particularly brutal manner.  During the session, she slipped into another past life and found herself in a pit that was an animal trap.  She called and called, but nobody could hear her.  When she came out of the trance, she explained both stories.  In both cases, her ears had been traumatized and today, she wore hearing aids.  We’ll see if her hearing improves.

A Colleague Suffering from Chronic Back Pain

This week, a colleague was suffering from excruciating back pain.  He was about to take two Advil when I suggested hands-on healing instead.  With an open mind, he put the Advil back in the bottle and said, “I’ll try anything to get rid of this back pain!”  My colleague has been seeing a chiropractor regularly for the chronic pain.

After a one hour healing session, my colleague reported that the pain was gone.  The next morning, he said that for the first time in years it was easy for him to get out of bed.  Usually, he suffers from stiffness and getting out of bed is a painful experience.  His comment was, “It’s weird, but keep doing what you’re doing!”  He’ll receive another treatment in two weeks and it’s my guess he won’t need any more help with his back after that.

What I didn’t tell my colleague is that, during the session, I prayed to Jesus to heal him.  Forty-five minutes into the session, I realized my colleague had indeed connected with divine energies because his aura changed and became golden.  If you read my book, you will know I have seen this phenomenon before when someone else had a ‘direct’ experience.

This unique CCMBA CCSMC treatment has been likened to swimming in a sea of energy.  It’s the most powerful healing I’ve witnessed to date.  Once you’ve been treated, you yourself will carry that energy and can also heal.

Different web sites report that the CCMBA CCSMC energy seems to work on individual issues no matter what they are. It works on all levels, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and targets the problem wherever it exists. Each person will experience something different. Some will release deep-seated emotions and physical trauma; others will have bones realign, some may have chronic back or  neck pain, which will totally disappear; still others release toxins and poisons from their system, others will have a divine spiritual awakening, others are energized, some will let go of non-desirable habits, and still others will gain a totally new outlook on life.  Some may experience nothing at all, but realize later that a positive impact has been made.

Inside each one of us there exists an infinite source of wisdom, healing energy, and an unlimited reservoir of possibilities that are waiting to be awakened.  I’m thrilled to be able to offer this powerful healing experience.


  1. Love the stories. I also am a student of Mama Sharon. Learned on a trip to Peru with a
    group she was leading. Fabulous !! I am looking to step into my energy more often and practice. Blessings to You.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you! and thank you for connecting and for your positive feedback. Much appreciated. Glad to hear you are continuing to do the work. The more you heal, the more energy you receive. It’s wonderful incentive to keep going! Please check-in again and let me know how you are doing.
      In Light, Love and Gratitude,