Adam McLeod – Dreamhealer in Toronto

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience;
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)

Yesterday, I attended a wonderful conference in Toronto with Adam McLeod of Dreamhealer. In my book, Diamond Lantern, I describe the positive impact that Adam’s work and his wisdom had on me.  When Adam’s in town, I make every effort to attend his conferences.

When Adam’s mother was severely disabled from multiple sclerosis, at age 14, Adam energetically healed her agonizingly painful trigeminal neuralgia, a symptom of the disease.  From that point on, she experienced no further pain and her symptoms from the MS disappeared.

Adam is now a B.Sc. First Class Honors in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and a world renowned energy healer.  However, his focus has shifted from healing individuals to education, understanding the science behind his abilities, and teaching his remote healing techniques to the masses so that individuals can learn to heal themselves.

During his talk, Adam emphasized that his focus is naturopathic.  This means he endeavours to treat the cause of an illness, not the symptom.  For example, he pointed out how someone could take a pill to stop diarrhea.  However, the diarrhea may be an indication of toxins in the body that need to be be eliminated.  In this case, the pill would not provide a diagnosis or a cure but instead would mask the problem by treating the symptom.

A naturopathic approach works to determine to the root of problems.  Adam commented that when a patient has symptoms of an underlying disease, naturopathic medicine looks at the whole body and treats people as whole beings, not individual body parts.  It factors in emotional and environmental influences, diet and nutrition and maximize the body’s own healing powers.

Adam delved deeply into the science of how the body is influenced by your environment and your intentions.  He described how your very DNA is influenced by your intentions.  How you perceive your environment directly affects your health.  He sited scientific evidence that showed how choosing to be happy strengthened your immune system while choosing to be unhappy weakened it.  He suggested studying the body to better understand how it works, in order to influence it in more ways.

At every Dreamhealer conference, Adam conducts group healing sessions.  First he teaches the audience his visualization techniques and then each member of the audience actively participates in a ten minute mass healing session.  In my experience, the collective boost of healing energy is always powerful!

In the morning healing session, I focused on my hip which had become increasingly painful from running over the last year.  Later, during the afternoon session, I closed my eyes and worked to visualize and heal someone else with dementia and knee pain.  Though my focus was on another person, I was surprized to feel my hip start to move, as if being loosened.  Next, I felt a jolt or spasm and was then energetically moved so hard, I bumped into the person beside me.  At least three times, I felt an unusual shift, as if I was dropping suddenly in an elevator.  Today, my hip hasn’t bothered me at all.  Usually, it becomes painful after just a few minutes of sitting at my computer.

Adam’s work empowers people to help themselves and each other.  It also reminds us that we’re each a part of our creator and have the ability to create new realities for ourselves and the world!

Elizabeth Rose, Diamond Lantern


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