A Trip to Australia

vallartatoday4One looks back with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child. ~Carl Jung

After a wonderful client named Matt O’Brien completed Full Immersion into Spirit via Skype, he invited me to his home in Australia.  In October, I flew to Toronto to teach Hypnosis, lecture and channel at the Canadian Hypnosis Conference (“CHC”), then flew to Brisbane to visit Matt and his family on Australia’s Gold Coast.

My time in Australia was action-packed.  Most days, were spent teaching hypnosis and after each class, I usually did healing or channelling with Matt’s family, friends or associates.  To keep my channel open/pure, I eat a Vegan diet with no caffeine, alcohol, dairy or processed sugar so I was thrilled when Matt took us for daily lunches at “Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian” at Burleigh Heads.   The food was delicious!

I work extensively with clients who are on a journey of consciousness exploration. My practice evolved when I noticed that clients from around the world shared similar experiences so I began facilitating small group sessions. Deep in trance, individuals in the group could locate and actually see each other on the astral plane.  They moved through past life, inter-life, and future life regressions together. These group sessions resulted in heightened awareness, emotional healing, and the development of some amazing spiritual gifts.

At the Canadian Hypnosis Conference in Toronto, I guided a group of 35 or 40 hypnotists into trance.  While they remained in trance, I had each person speak about their experience.  Some people could feel powerful energies or see bright white or coloured lights. Others shared the same experience when Guides and Angels appeared.  Several people reported seeing Christ, and a woman channelled a message from Mother Mary.

img_20161114_172156In Australia, Matt flew me to Melbourne where I facilitated a guided visualization session, this time with 15 attendees.  The event was hosted by Grace Moy O’Brien, a powerful healer who practices Naturopathy, Counselling and Acupuncture at Melbourne’s Esolab.  Some of her guests included other hypnotists and  healers. I was delighted when Joane Goulding, the founder of Sleep Talk attended.  Joane’s cutting-edge work with children is practiced world-wide.

During the first half of the session, most people were able to relax and go into a deep meditative state and also describe what they were experiencing.  Some saw lights, felt powerful energies, or found themselves floating on the astral plane.  A man who regularly practiced meditation said he was pleased because the group session had taken him into a much deeper trance than he’d experienced before.

In the second half of the event, I mostly channelled.  Angels came through and encouraged questions from the audience, which was interesting.  One person wanted to know what to do about Donald Trump.  If I recall correctly, the Angels answered, “Send him love and healing energy.”

At one point, a woman asked whether her deceased father was her Spirit Guide.  The Angels answered, “No”  but continued by saying, “He’s with you now.”  Suddenly, her father stepped into me and spoke to her.  It was an emotional exchange and other people in the audience later commented that they’d also felt very moved by the experience.

forksI’m still amazed by the trip and also amused because Matt, Grace, and a friend named Doug recently learned to bend spoons at The Monroe Institute.  Wherever we went, they left a trail of creatively bent spoons and forks behind.  At restaurants, one bent forks while another straightened them out. Matt’s cutlery, pictured here, suffered the most injury.

I feel very grateful for the work I’m able to do on the phone, on Skype, in person, and around the world.

Thank you Grace for your kind hospitality and for hosting the event.  Thank you Matt for asking me to visit, for sharing your wonderful home, family and friends, for touring me around Australia, for the amazing vegan food, and for creating opportunities to work with so many wonderful people.  It was an honour, a privilege and a pleasure!


  1. Elizabeth, it was a pleasure and I’m so glad you had an enjoyable and fun time. Will always treasure our friendship and think of you fondly xxx Grace

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you again for helping to make it such a fantastic and fun trip! Likewise, I will also treasure our friendship and look forward to keeping in touch. Enjoy a wonderful summer in Melbourne!
      Love to you all!
      Elizabeth xox