How Angels Work Through Us

raphael“It is impossible to see the angel unless you first have a notion of it.”  James Hillman

During my visit to Australia, my client got out of bed in the middle of the night, and in the darkness, he stubbed his toe on a bed post.  When I saw him the next morning at breakfast, he was almost certain that his middle toe was broken.  Indeed, when I looked at the toe, it appeared crooked.

I suggested he seek medical attention.  However, my client wasn’t interested in seeing a doctor.  Instead, he asked me to go into trance to seek advice from the Angels on how to fix it.  He said, “Just see what the Angels say.”

Curious, I went deep into trance and the Angels provided a set of instructions.  They had me pull firmly on the two toes next to the injured toe.  Next, they directed me to hold his heel firmly while pulling the injured toe straight. The toe made three cracking sounds as it straightened but my client said he felt no pain.  I was too deep in trance to worry and simply continued following instructions, much like a robot.

The Angels directed me to create a splint that would fit around his toe.  I looked around and  found a long narrow plastic cap.  Slicing it lengthwise into two pieces, I overlapped them, then used Duct Tape to tape them together.  With the small splint in place, I then bound the injured toe with another toe for support using more Duct Tape.  Duct tape!  It was the only tape on-hand.

My client didn’t bother to see a doctor and for the next two weeks that I was there, he continued walking without complaint.  That was almost a month ago.

In a Skype call this morning, my client reported finally getting an X-ray.  His doctor had asked if an orthopedic physician had set the toe because it had been a complicated break. When my client explained that a friend from Canada had set the toe and created a customized splint, the doctor was surprized and asked, “Was it painful when she set it?”  My client responded, “No, there was no pain at all.”  Apparently, setting the toe should have hurt but the Angels must have taken the pain away.

People sometimes introduce me as a powerful healer.  The truth is, I simply channel divinity and the Angels do all the work.  They heal hearts, minds, and sometimes bodies mend.

You’d think I’d be used to all these astonishing experiences but I’m always amazed.  Also, my client’s total faith in the Angels was inspirational!  Indeed, my client reported that his toe is properly set and healing nicely!



  1. Barb Stillman says:

    You are indeed a powerful healer Divinely guided. We are Blessed to be part of your journey. The Angelic Realm do work through you without question! Much love and gratitude Barb

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you! You’re wonderful and it’s a joy to know and work with you!
      Much love and gratitude right back to you!
      Elizabeth xo