Interpret Your Dreams

“I should have taken Dream Interpretation years ago!” Student at last week’s Dream Interpretation Workshop

In Saint John, NB, I facilitated a Dream Interpretation Workshop at The Rose Cottage.  The course was designed by Dream Interpretation Expert, Michael Sheridan, of Aisling Dream Interpretation. Michael’s basic premise in interpreting dreams is that they have meaning and can help you change your life for the better.  Indeed, I’ve been studying Michael’s work since 2007 and the impact on my life has been truly astonishing. Now that I’m teaching his course, I feel blessed to be able to share Michael’s powerful techniques with others.

Everything you need to fix your life is spelled-out clearly in your dreams.  Solutions for your health, your relationships, your career, and so much more, are all covered in detail in your dreams, once you understand the language!

Here’s a woman’s dream titled:  Asleep in a Tanning Bed

“I’m at an open-air market and see a woman who’s a consultant that I dealt with in the past. She was difficult to work with because she favored men over women.  I feared this consultant would ask me to work with her again, but instead, she asked a former colleague.  My former colleague accepted the job but then I noticed he was frantically trying to juggle too many tasks and clients at the same time.  It became apparent that he also had issues with women because he was abrupt and dismissive with them then showed great patience with men.

The open-air market was laid-out like a cross-roads.  The consultant was walking in the center aisle toward me and the hypnotist was working at a booth in the aisle to my right.  I turned away from them and walked down the aisle to my left.  At the end of the left aisle was a large tanning bed with someone sleeping in it.  The lid opened, a woman sat-up and asked for 20 more minutes in the light. I called-out her request and heard someone call back saying, ‘Two more minutes in the light!’  She closed the lid and I woke-up”

What’s the Dream Analysis?

To summarize, the dreamer was shown that she was at a crossroads because she felt uncomfortable with her own gender.  Her discomfort about being female came from her parents (signified by the female consultant and the male hypnotist).  The dreamer was unaware of her flawed thinking (“sleeping”) so she needed to wake-up and become conscious of her out-dated beliefs, in order to change them.  This would enable her to move forward and better develop her spiritual gifts (signified by the light and the numbers 2 and 20).

Later, the dreamer commented that, when she was born, she already had a sister so her parents had hoped for a son. She said they generally viewed men as authority figures and her mother considered women to be the weaker sex. Throughout her life, the dreamer’s flawed beliefs had attracted some painful experiences with people who held the same out-dated beliefs about women.

We’re programmed as children, and as adults, we’re governed by our subconscious minds.  While sleepwalking through life, we can go through all kinds of pain from outdated habits and beliefs, until something awakens us. In that moment, heightened awareness can become the most powerful cure.  This is what dream interpretation is all about!

How to Remember Your Dreams?

The more you record your dreams, the more dreams you remember.  You can easily train yourself to remember your dreams.  Upon waking, keep your eyes closed and recall what happened just before you awoke.  Then, write them down,  or recording them with a digital recorder.

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