In Your Dreams

Michael Sheridan of Aisling Dream Interpretation is gifted at analyzing your dreams.   If you are under-utilizing any of your strengths, talents or spiritual gifts, he explains how your dreams will be filled with symbols, images and activities to tell you this.  The scarier the dream, the more urgent the message.

Michael explains that all souls are connected through love.  Therefore our higher self is in tune with all other souls.  Through this connection they can tap into their own higher wisdom but since this is connected to all souls they have the wisdom of all souls at their disposal.

In the following example, Michael analyzes the dream of a woman who is both clairvoyant and psychic.  He explains that a clairvoyant person receives messages from the spirit world through images or symbols.  In contrast, a psychic is slightly different in that they have a special connection with their higher self or spirit self, that is connected to the divine.

I found Kerri’s Dream particularly interesting because a massive crystal had appeared in one of my dreams in 2010.  On each facet was a single eye so I was facing thousands of eyes looking back at me.  Indeed, at the time, I feared how I might be perceived once my book Diamond Lantern was published and my clairvoyant and psychic experiences were ‘out there’ in the public ‘eye’.  Here’s Michael’s interpretation:

KERRI’S DREAM: I’m in an aisle of a museum. There are low counters filled with little dividers (kind of like the way record albums were arranged in record stores). I look through the dividers and find a clear plastic package. Inside it are 3 charms that are on a silver necklace. The charms are crystal or clear. One is a heart, another is an eye (which looked like the Egyptian hieroglyphic drawings – but solid) the other I can’t really remember.  Anyway I pick it up and wonder what it is and decide it must be some sort of religious jewelry, and probably catholic. I then realize I can’t have it  so I put it back and walk down the aisle. I next see the same sort of packet, but this one has only the eye in it and the words “eye see you” above it.

Michael explains that this dream is describing how the woman is both a psychic and clairvoyant.  He says that a museum is a place where we publicly display treasures that are associated with our heritage.  In a dream a museum means that you are asked to discover your treasures and bring them into the public light.  Michael says that spiritual gifts are the most precious treasures we have (which is why they show up as jewelry) and in this case, the woman’s spiritual gifts are identified as charms and the colour silver on a necklace.  A silver necklace explains a person is psychic and the eye means a person is clairvoyant.  Both of these gifts work through our female sides which is why the heart charm features in the dream. The necklace or chain means that you have a karmic obligation to develop these gifts. In a sense you are chained to them (you made a contract in spirit before you were born that you would develop them). Through developing and using these gifts you will pay off your karmic debts to the very people you help and so free yourself.

Your gifts are behind a clear plastic package. Plastic is man made so this means that your gifts are blocked by convention (something man made). In your case it is most likely your thoughts about how others would look at you that holds you back (as indicated by the ‘Eye see you‘ phrase in the dream).

Michael’s Comment: Spiritual gifts are the most precious treasures we have as through using them we advance our spiritual awareness. This is the only thing we take with us when we head into the next world. All our material possessions get left behind. Keri’s next step is commit (indicated by their being three charms) to developing her gifts.


  1. Hi there micheal My name is Berylene I have so much to tell you but don’t know where to start.I have problem my twin comes every night to me. I wrote him saying I’m moving on with my life and I just started working on myself. I didn’t see him for a long time and he phoned and spoke to my children. I recognized his voice instantly. You see I communicate with him In my dreams. When I’m lonely, he comes and lays with me and talks to me. When I write him messages he doesn’t write me back. I can feel him physically. I see strange things I can see evil things to and they can’t look at me because they scared for me.I have a red mark in front of my head its in the middle of my eyes I don’t know what it is maybe you can help me pls.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:


      Focus on the light. Seek guidance from the Highest Guides and only request assistance from beings of Light – Angels, Jesus, Buddha, etc. There is evil, but it can’t harm you, especially when you protect yourself with light. See, sense, feel yourself surrounded by a bubble of golden-white light and you’re immediately protected. Ask for protection and you’ll receive it. If he’s energetically forcing himself on you, ask the Archangels to surround and protect you, and to keep him away from you. He can’t get past these layers of protection. If you don’t want him energetically near you, he can’t get close without your permission. Mark between your eyebrows is a symbol for intuition/psychic ability. Red is energy/passion. If this was a dream, you are receiving a message to put passion into the development of your psychic ability.

      I hope that helps.