How to Vanquish Evil Spirits

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”  Albert Einstein

I’ve encountered a few negative energies over the years and it terrified me.  However, now that I work with the Angels, clearing dark entities is just another part of my job description.  Anyone can learn to vanquish evil spirits.

When I was still in high school, I encountered an evil spirit in a cathedral in Hamilton, Ontario.  I knew it was evil because I could sense it. I felt its ice-cold chill but couldn’t see it. Later that night, as I was about to go to sleep, it suddenly appeared, nose-to-nose with me.  It had followed me home!  The thing had a red demonic-looking face, like an African mask, with black piercing eyes but no whites to its eyes. It was leering at me with an evil grin.  Hoping that I was imaging things, I blinked my eyes several times, but it didn’t go away. Eyes open or closed, it stared me in the face with that evil leering grin. I was terrified and wondered what would possibly make it go away.

A distant memory surfaced and I recalled hearing some advice from a teacher at a Bible Camp.  She’d said that you could vanquish evil spirits with the following words: “The blood of Jesus Christ.”  At the time, the idea of evil spirits and the advice on vanquishing them seemed ridiculous!  However, now I was confronted by an evil spirit, the advice made enormous sense!  My temper flared, I stared back at the red face, and defiantly repeated the words, “The blood of Jesus Christ!  The blood of Jesus Christ! The blood of Jesus Christ!” The thing vanished.  At the time, I had no idea what the words meant, but they were certainly effective.

The second time I encountered a dark entity, I had unwittingly released it from a homeless person. The year was 2012 and I had done remote healing on a homeless man who was drunk, cursing, and yelling obscenities outside of the Eaton’s Center in Toronto. His voice had the most horrible quality to it and made my skin crawl, which is why I took 45 minutes to sit on a nearby park bench and do remote healing (CCMBA/CCSMC). After finishing the healing, I went home and forgot about the man.

Much later, around 2am, I awoke and found myself looking at a black cloud of smoky tendrils, like a smoky octopus, floating in the air.  It was about three yards high and wide.  I looked for a face but couldn’t see one.  Amazingly, this time, I wasn’t terrified. I tried a few things to vanquish the spirit but it didn’t budge.  Finally, I gave up and called in Archangel Michael to escort this entity to the Light.  Immediately the smoke started to fade.  Before it completely disappeared, I rolled over and went back to sleep, knowing I was safe because it was in the powerful hands of Archangel Michael.

Note to self:  After clearing negative energies always call in Archangel Michael to escort any  negative energy or entity to the Light.

The third time I encountered an “evil” spirit was in 2013. I had a dream where a couch came to life. Big angry eyes opened in the couch and I was so startled that it awoke me out of my sleep. Now wide awake, those big angry eyes were still visible and came toward me and suddenly jumped into me. Though fully awake, I couldn’t move! It was like being paralyzed.  As I struggled helplessly, I could feel the spirit’s rage. She was a deceased relative who was absolutely furious.  For a few moments, she totally terrified me.  Completely immobile, I could barely breathe and felt like I was fighting for my life. Then, my temper flared and I thought, “How dare you!”  I called in Archangel Michael and he immediately took her lovingly to the Light.  The experience probably happened in an instant, but in that moment, I feared being trapped for a lifetime.  I’ll never forget the feeling. It was like being encased in cement.

All these encounters happened before Christ, the Seraphim, Archangels, 39 Angels plus 20 Ascended Masters spent six months healing me. As you heal, your energy becomes lighter.  With enough healing, you become so light that heavier or darker energies can no longer “see” you. You can then fearlessly go into the darkness and channel divine energies to heal those heavy, dark, or lost souls.

No entity has the right to enter your energy field without your permission. You always have God on your side and can pray or call in the Light.  I suggest calling in Archangel Michael.  Whether you believe in Angels or not, Archangel Michael achieves instant results!

Movies and the media frequently present images of a raging war against the darkness.  We’re shown warriors with swords clashing in battles against invisible evil forces.  However, in my experience, there is no war against the darkness.  The Angels have taught me to love and heal all beings, whether they’re nice or not.

Souls either evolve to higher consciousness or de-evolve to lower levels of consciousness.  By channelling divinity, I’ve cleared many places and people of countless “evil” spirits but no matter how evil, angry, or offensive that spirit or lost soul has become, the Angels treat them all with great tenderness and love.  It’s been a wonderful lesson.

Christ, Buddha and other Ascended Masters taught us to love our enemies for a reason.  They’re all divine beings.  The only reason people hurt each other is because they themselves were hurt, most often as children. When people finally transcend the physical world of pain and suffering and open their minds to the spirit world that governs our world, they find only love and forgiveness, no matter what.  However, you must be light enough to ascend.

This is a time when humans are waking-up to who they truly are, spirits having a human experience.  As we become more aware of the non-physical world, we’ll encounter more energies, some light and some dark.  In the face of negativity or darkness, you’re here to bring in the Light. Just be courageous, step into your magnificence, then call on God, the Light, or Archangel Michael to escort any darkness to the Light!  In this way, you can save souls.