How Dreams Work

“I never paint dreams or nightmares.  I paint my own reality.” Frida Kahlo

On February 27, 2017, I woke-up pondering whether a female spider or Praying Mantis bites-off the head of her mate.  Thank goodness for Google.  When I did a little on-line research, it turned out that the female Praying Mantis sometimes bites-off the head of her lover, and sometimes she’ eats his whole body.”

This wasn’t a dream, it was just a peculiar question that popped into my head the moment I woke-up.

A few hours later, an overseas client who’d spent 6 days doing my “Full Immersion into Spirit Intensive” at The Rose Cottage, sent me a Skype message with a dream about crystals in a room and in his hands. He ended with the following comment:

“There was another part of the dream that terrified me…  a large bluish blackish Praying Mantis pounced on my eyes and was attaching to my eyes, I couldn’t pull it off for the life of me!”

Here’s my analysis, based on Michael Sheridan’s work: My client is a Hands-on Healer and Crystal Healer who was “prayed-upon” by women, in childhood and past lives. The blueish-black signifies his philosophy about the situation (blue) which is filled with negativity or fear (black).  This fear blocks him from seeing women as anything but cruel, which is negatively impacting his life, so it needs to be healed.

It turned out that the client had grown-up with a particularly cruel female figure who had taken advantage of him (i.e. preyed-upon him).  The Praying Mantis was a play on words and symbolized the female who had preyed upon him and caused his negative philosophy and fear of women.

From ages 0 to 9, children’s brain waves are in alpha and theta (i.e. trance).  They haven’t yet developed critically thinking minds.  Negative words and actions go directly into the subconscious minds of children and stay there throughout their adulthood, until they’re healed. Childhood fears can be programmed so deeply in the subconscious mind that adults are completely unaware and become mystified when a negative pattern keeps repeating in their life, like a broken record.

Road rage is an example of subconscious programming from childhood.  People don’t think about flying into a rage.  They are instantaneously enraged. When road rage hits, a happy mature adult suddenly transforms into a six-year-old child with a temper tantrum.

These subconscious patterns can be healed with hypnosis.  Negative patterns appear in your life because the universe is presenting you with them as a growth opportunity to break your destructive behaviour pattern.  When you stop reacting automatically to situations and instead, find yourself stopping to think about how you’d like to respond, you’ve stepped into your magnificence and are healed of the pattern.

Of course, the Angels or Guides planting a question about the Praying Mantis in my mind in order to help my client was rather miraculous! I’m in awe of the work that the Angels do through me.

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