Dreams, Diet and Allergies

All human knowledge takes the form of interpretation.”
Walter Benjamin

Last night, I had a number of disturbing dreams about food.  In one dream, I dropped a plate of wheat crackers on the floor.  Then, someone handed me a plate with a large piece of lettuce on it.  However, the lettuce had a black smear of rotting sauce on it.  Further along in the dream, I found myself riding a bicycle in traffic and was cycling up a bridge.  The traffic stopped and I couldn`t understand why.  I moved through the cars to the front of the line and saw construction on the bridge.  I was about to walk through it with my bike when a woman and a man who were at the construction site stopped me.  There was a strip of wet cement and they told me that I couldn’t move forward in the wet cement and I would have to wait.  The woman had blond hair and a lovely smile.  The man was a construction worker with a hard hat.

Based on Michael Sheridan’s dream dictionary (Aisling Dream Interpretation) the dream suggests that the wheat and the sauce (an Asian creation consumed the night before) are blocking my elimination system.  For a similar dream interpretation that Michael posted on-line, he commented:

The concrete is what used to be the wheat. This is saying that if you don’t take care of your elimination problem now the wheat which stays against the lining of your colon will become cemented.

If I continue to eat these types of foods, they will ‘cement’ and cause ill health.  While going through Michael’s web site looking for more information, I found an additional comment.  For anyone who has food allergies, you may want to take note:

It’s not what you eat that causes allergies – it’s what you can’t excrete!”
Michael Sheridan, Aisling Dream Interpretation

 Food for thought!