Dream Interpretation with Michael Sheridan

Glimmers of the truth can appear in the form of gut instinct, flashes of comprehension, or in my case, as a vision floating in front of my eyes.  When we choose to take notice and open our eyes, the clues are everywhere.  Take dreams for instance.  All of us dream, and most of us remember our most vivid dreams.  Intuitively, we know some dreams are important.  However, understanding what they are saying can be mystifying because the language of dreams is written in images and symbols.  Though it may take a while to understand what dreams are saying, with a little effort and some expert guidance, your dreams can soon begin to make sense.

Happily, we have an expert in the house.  Michael Sheridan is a dream interpretation expert who founded Aisling Dream Interpretation (http://www.dream-analysis.com/index.htm).  According to Michael, our dreams contain all the guidance necessary for us to fix everything in our lives, fulfill our goals, and also achieve perfection.  If we could but crack the code of dreams, all the answers would be waiting for us.  Thankfully, Michael has cracked the code.

Michael wrote a book called “How to Interpret Your Dreams And Discover Your Life Purpose”.   I have used this excellent reference book countless times to better understand what my dreams are trying to tell me.  Almost everything in a dream has some significance.  Colours, darkness or light, left or right, these are all indicators that provide the dreamer with direction.   Accurate dream interpretations have warned me of potential challenges developing on the horizon.  Michael teaches that dreams will be scary if they are trying to get your attention.  Dreams can be an advance warning system.  When we understand dreams, we can take steps to avoid a looming illness, a career hurdle or relationship challenge.  Dreams tell you what needs to be done.