Kissing Toads Part I


What we are tempted to call a disaster is sometimes the first, painful stage of a blessing.
Stephen Mitchell, The Frog Prince: A Fairy Tale for Consenting Adults

Can you think of a fairy tale that best describes your life?  I tried but couldn’t come up with a fairy tale to best summarize my existence on planet Earth.  However, a Dr. Seuss book title did come to mind so I incorporated my tale of toads into the following Seuss book title concept:

One Frog
Two Frog

Red Frog
New Frog 

One Frog

In the 1980s, my boyfriend and I celebrated six years of being together in a rock solid relationship.  We enjoyed balance.  Every year, he spent Christmas with his family down East and I spent the holiday with my family in Ontario.  One Christmas, my father gave me a little gift box.  When I opened it, I was surprized to see a small figurine of a frog, reclining on a lily pad, holding up a sign that read, “You have to kiss a lot of toads before you meet the handsome prince.”  Startled, I looked at my dad wondering if he was trying to tell me something about my boyfriend.  He read my expression and said, “I just thought it was funny!”  A year later, my boyfriend and I encountered irreconcilable differences and our rock solid relationship crumbled into dust.

Two Frog

Eventually, I started dating a Toronto lawyer.  Over time, he seemed distracted and became increasingly distant.  I asked if there was a problem, but he said that everything was fine.  He was just working a lot of late nights.  In those days, I lived and worked in Richmond Hill, ON.  The situation with my boyfriend grew more and more uncomfortable, to the point of feeling intolerable, so I ended the relationship and ceased all communication.  Later, I was surprized when he appeared at my workplace and asked to get together for lunch.  It seemed important so I agreed.  In the restaurant, he presented me with two small boxes.  The first box held a carved stone frog and the second contained a shiny crystal frog.  Surprized, I asked, “Why two frogs?”  He said, ” I’m sorry, but I wasn’t very nice to you.  I’ve been seeing another woman on the side.  When you broke things off, I thought of your dad and realized that I was one of the toads you had to kiss, plus I couldn’t decide which frog I liked better, so I bought them both.”

There is more to this story.  Tune-in next week!

Kissing Toads:  Part II

Written by Elizabeth Rose, Author, Diamond Lantern



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