Adventures in Hands-on Healing

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

At Diamond Lantern, I never know what to expect during a Hands-On Healing session.  Each session can take between 60 to 90 minutes.  Hands-on healing essentially channels divine energy so the client can receive whatever type of healing they require.  They could experience a healing of their body, mind or spirit.  Clients must wait at least two weeks before having a second session.  The energy continues to work once the connection has been made.

During a Session

Several clients have commented that they don’t feel anything happening.  However, with hands-on-healing, something is always being healed.

During a recent session in my office, one of my clients reported seeing a beautiful fuchsia colour.  This was followed by visions of fast moving images.  Flowers began appearing in front of her.  When the session was over, she stood up and said, “I feel different.  I really feel different!”

Many of my clients have found themselves slipping into a past life during a session.  Usually the past life is a moment in time during a traumatic or pivotal experience that later provides a life lesson to help them understand things that are happening in this lifetime.

During a session a few months ago, one of my clients was told her life’s mission.  She was shown a glimpse of her future.  It was explained to her that someone she was about to meet would assist her in accomplishing her goals in this lifetime.  She was told that her heart was being healed so she would be more open to her mission and to connecting with this person.  During most of her hands-on-healing session, she was shown the past, present and future and given instructions from her spirit guides.  Happily, I benefitted enormously from that particular session when she kindly relayed many enlightening messages to me.

Occasionally, I have noticed temporary physicial transformations occur during a session.  Several clients have referred to this as ‘shape-shifting.’

When I first learned hands-on-healing in a classroom, a student who volunteered to be the client for demonstration purposes commented that she felt nothing but a sense of calm during the session.  However, the other students in the classroom saw bite marks appear on her left shoulder and two red noose marks appear around her neck during the session.  A short while after, the marks faded away.

In an early session, the shadow of a dark beard and mustache appeared on a woman’s face.  I asked her what was happening and she explained in a strange voice that she was experiencing a traumatic moment as a man in a past life.  She was being murdered for her beliefs.  I inquired about the date and she said it was 320 BC.

During a very recent hands-on healing session, I noticed dark black circles appear around the closed eyes of my client.  For a moment, I wondered if I simply hadn’t noticed his blackened eyes when he’d first arrived at my office.  However, as I watched, the dark circles became jet black and the edges of his eye lids became bright white – an interesting contrast!  A large grey shadow appeared on the left side of his neck.  It became darker and darker then eventually faded away.  My client later commented that he’d felt nothing throughout the session.  However, it was quite astonishing to witness.

After a Session

After each session, any marks that appeared have gradually faded away.  Clients have generally felt rested and grounded.  They have not mentioned any negative side effects.  Either they felt nothing or they felt better.  Also, I’ve noticed that any darkness released during a session has been replaced by lightness.  After almost every hands-on healing session, I’ve noticed clients walk away looking brighter with more radiant complexions.

Right after a recent session, a client reported running into a friend who commented, ‘Wow!  You’re looking great my friend!  You’re looking younger!’  I found this particularly interesting because my client had arrived at my office looking a bit stressed and worn.

Life’s an adventure and hands-on healing is one of the more interesting adventures in healing.

Elizabeth Rose, Diamond Lantern