What’s Good About Hate Mail?

rawforbeauty“The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.” Atisha

I’ve been posting blogs since 2010 and received my first hate mail.  Just one hate note in five years tells me that most people are pretty wonderful.

Sadly, people who hurt others are often very hurt themselves.  This person is not a client and never purchased a session but sent the following message:

“You totally fake psychic whore. You are clueless.”  

Walking back from the store today, I was carrying a stack of bins with lids when the wind picked-up one of the lids and whacked me in the face.  Before I had time to react, the lid smacked me again.  As I was juggling purse, bins, and lids, wondering if my nose was bleeding, two lids flew up in the air and landed somewhere in the parking lot.  A young man had watched this bizarre scene and kindly retrieved the lids.

Talk about slapstick! On another day, perhaps I would have cried and felt defeated by my own plastic bins. However, the scene was so ridiculous, I just had to laugh.

Getting slapped in the face twice reminded me of Jesus instructing us to turn the other cheek.

Buddha taught that the ones who test you the most are your greatest teachers.  The people that love you do not challenge you to the same extent as people that hate you. When you look into the eyes of hatred and still come from a place of love, then you have grown as a soul.

According to Buddha, the man who sent hate mail is just a good teacher so, for that I thank him and wish him peace …and love.

What’s good about hate mail?  It reminds you to come from a place of love, no matter what.