Scientific Evidence of Life After Death

“We only part to meet again.”
John Gay 1685-1732

In 1999, after extensive research and years of experiments, scientists Montague Keen, Arthur Ellison and David Fontana documented the survival of human consciousness beyond death.  Here’s a fascinating documentary on their work and findings:

My personal beliefs, likely evident in Diamond Lantern, developed as a result of my own paranormal experiences.  In seeking to understand these strange events, science offered mostly skepticism, disbelief, but also a few interesting guesses.  Regardless, I am grateful that, at least in this century, Science Rules!  It is wonderful that so many prominent scientists have taken the time, trouble, and funds to explore the paranormal, to better understand it, PLUS collected a significant amount of evidence that shows how our consciousness survives beyond death!

At the end of the film, a skeptic weighs-in.  There will always be skeptics and open-minded skepticism is healthy.  Besides, given our history, it’s not surprizing that there’s big money in skeptical literature and skeptical publicity stunts.

Many of the early Christians believed in reincarnation, based on Christ’s teachings (ref. Gnostic Gospels).  However, Roman Emperor Justinian (545 A.D.) made it punishable by death to believe in reincarnation. It would be harder to control the masses if they believed death wasn’t final.  Fear of death and concepts of hell have been much better control devices than ancient teachings on enlightenment.  Given Rome’s history of torture and death sentences, it’s not surprizing that today’s Western society has trouble considering the possibility of reincarnation.

Since Christ’s death, thought control of the masses has been a harsh reality.  Until Martin Luther’s time, it was forbidden for the common man to read a Bible.  All non-clergy citizens were outlawed from translating, possessing or reading the Bible, on pain of death as heretics.  It was disturbing that the papacy’s Latin translations from the original Greek later proved to be filled with misinterpretations.  For example, the Roman Catholic translation of the word ‘penance’ (suffering before being granted forgiveness) is quite different from the original Greek word ‘repentence’ meaning a change of heart and mind, turning away from sin and toward faith in God.

John Wycliffe’s translation of the Bible into English was a precursor to the Protestant Reformation.  Wyliffe was one of the earliest opponents of papal authority influencing secular power. His followers were  burned at the stake with Wycliffe’s translations tied around their necks.

Our history isn’t pretty and it’s been a long 2000 year up-hill slog, but we’re gradually waking-up as science overtakes religion and breaks new ground.  Spirituality is breaking new ground too.  More and more people are realizing they are spirits having a human experience.  Repeatedly, we hear from the ‘other side’ the only thing that matters is love.  I think the British spirit who spoke in the film said, “The rest doesn’t matter a jot!”

For more on consciousness surviving beyond death, from a scientific perspective, read the following:  Thomas Campbell’s My Big Toe; Robert Monroe’s Journeys Out of the Body.  From an Eastern perspective, read the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Light, Love and Happily Ever After!
Elizabeth Rose, Diamond Lantern

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