New Energies Arrive


“Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” Sai Baba.

In the last month, when I’ve channelled with clients  or groups, the Angels have often told me that they’re transmitting new energies.  There was one night when the Angels commanded, “Move!”  I asked, “As in relocate?”  They said, “No.  Get up and shake!”  Eight of us stood up and started to shake.  Each time I stopped, I could feel a migraine coming on, so I kept moving.  The Angels explained that everyone on the planet received it, but it came in through the healers.  There were eight of us jumping around and shaking for several minutes to move the energy through us until they said stop.

Everyone reported that they felt the same thing.  If they stopped shaking their feet, they felt pressure in their feet.  If they stopped shaking their hands, they felt pressure building in their hands.  If I didn’t keep shaking, my head felt like it would explode.  This went on for a few minutes.

That by itself was astonishing enough.  However, later that night, I was even more amazed when I received a note from a Full Immersion into Spirit client in Toronto.  She said, “It feels like I’m putting a puzzle together.  At about 8 o’clock my time, that was about an hour and a half to two hours ago, I was about to go to the bathroom and felt a jolt, looked in the the mirror and I started feeling like I had to shake shake,…really hard for about 20 seconds. shake everything off, hands too. Like I was dancing with convulsions. Super Quick. Weird.”

I rarely ask for validation, but when it comes, I always find it amazing and become super grateful that it’s “not just me” that this is happening to.  We’re all in this together.

A few weeks earlier, I was working with two clients simultaneously on Skype.  Both clients had completed the Full Immersion into Spirit so I wondered what else the Angels had in store for them.  Once, again, the Angels announced, “We’re transmitting new energies.”  Suddenly, I felt disoriented and almost keeled over from the energy.  Immediately after the transmission, my clients were looking at me in amazement.  Both had felt the transmission and said it had been powerful indeed, and unlike anything else we’d experienced to date.

Different energies have been transmitted to the planet through healers, channels, and hypnotists in different phases.  It’s been astonishing.  All these new energies are raising the vibration of everyone on the planet.  The goal is higher consciousness.

“More energies are coming dear ones.  Be ready.  Be ready.”
Channelled Message from the 39 Angels



  1. Just inTime says:

    Sai Baba is a good example of how someone can speak wise and spiritual sounding words, without really knowing wisdom within. Sai Baba was known to have molested children, and his miracles of materialization have been proven to be based on sleight of hand tricks.

    In other words, this man, didn’t know Love very well at all, and was very centered in the lower/distorted self.

    Please, please, please, discern sources before promoting them as sources of spiritual wisdom/insight. There are and always have been, many wolves in sheep’s clothing, and if we don’t use our discernment and we keep promoting these, we help the world to stay stuck, for when people “get into” e.g. connect to these limited and distorted sources, they can and often do, take on some of the vibrations of that source (usually in the form of distorted beliefs), through resonation.

    This is one of the reasons of why this particular world, has been stuck for so long, so many of the blind leading the blind, and some very lacking in Light, non human beings having been involved with this world since human’s arose here.

    It is not overly dramatic to say that there is and has long been, a strategic war/battle going on around–in and outside of Earth, between Expanding/helpful forces and hindering/misleading forces, and with human’s caught in the middle.

    Speaking as one who long as been involved in the fray, from both inside and outside the Earth, on the side of the Expanding/helpful forces–those that know their Oneness, who love Source and who love the Whole, even those that err and try to get others to err or stay stuck. After I left the Earth some 12 thousand years ago, but before I allowed my body to die, I went up (so to metaphorically speak) with some of our more helpful, non human, siblings from other levels. They taught and re-awakened in me much about much, and a certain amount of focus was given to the nature of other groups not so helpful or constructive in intent towards humans.

    Since they, and the rest of my guidance, are not cavalier about and are concerned with this issue, I also cannot be cavalier about it, and they have asked me to try to raise conscious awareness of these, to most, unconscious issues. That which we are unconscious to, we cannot effectively deal with or transform.

    These latter hindering groups, masquerade and present themselves as Angels of Light to channels and sensitives, and when in human form, sometimes as religious and spiritual teachers.

    It’s very important to discern the truly consistently helpful sources, from the ones not so, but who present themselves as such, to get our attention and to manipulate, mislead, etc. Both those of and not of human form. Some of the latter have very strong mental/psychic energies, and can produce strong reactions in physical matter or within humans. It’s not a sign of divinity necessarily. Usually truly Divine based beings and levels, don’t work through very dramatic and overt means (they can, and sometimes do, but ime, it’s not their modus operandi as a general trend), they usually work more subtly through processes like the “still small voice” within.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      It’s the message that’s important to me, not the man or woman. However, I appreciate your opinion. When I do research on all great men and women, I find none of them were perfect. However, some of them spouted great wisdom! I still like the quote.