Enjoy a Happy Halloween!

Apocalypse - Francisco Negroni Chile (2)“But I love Halloween, and I love that feeling: the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.” Evan Peters

Tonight is Halloween.  Walking the streets with a friend, we admired lawns decorated with ghouls, goblins and tomb stones.  Scary faces stained with blood and gore stared back at us.  The gorier, the better, but what’s the impact on our subconscious?

According to the History.com, Halloween originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people believed the dead returned as ghosts.  People left food and wine on their doorsteps to keep the spirits out and also wore masks so they would be mistaken for fellow ghosts.  The Christian Church turned the event into All Saints Day and the night before into Halloween.  Eventually, the holiday evolved into a fun evening for children to dress up, trick, or entice treats from, friendly neighbors.

Enter Hollywood and an endless onslaught of horrific movies designed to scare the living daylights out of you.

When watching a scary movie, have you ever noticed how quickly you can slip into a state of fear, anxiety or panic?  It’s your consciousness that’s slipping.  Humans are either evolving to higher consciousness or devolving into a lower level of consciousness, depending upon their current state of mind.

On Halloween, it’s great to have fun.  However, for those horror movie buffs, I offer a gentle reminder to guard your consciousness.  If you lose your status, your possessions,  and your health, all that’s left is your mind.  It might be advisable to choose your feelings wisely and select positive feelings over bad.  Thoughts trigger feelings.  Feelings create your reality and impact everything about you – your health, relationships, and your wealth.  Immersing yourself in fearful things, like horror movies, creates a frightening reality that can be void of health, wealth and happiness.

We’re here to heal our bodies, minds and hearts and help others in the process.  Perhaps Halloween is an opportunity test yourself.  Instead of getting caught-up in the drama of scary costumes, ghost stories, and horror flicks, (not to mention an overdose of sugar and calories), look up and find the light in every scary scenario.  Rely upon your sense of humor.  So-called reality can be frightening enough.  Do everything you can to rise above the darkness.  On that note, here are some inspiring thoughts.