Deep Trance Yoga

Consciousness“As I lift myself, I lift others higher, so they may transcend the physical world of suffering and ascend.”

On May 22, 2015, Angels stepped in and silently moved me into different Yoga positions. This lasted for over two hours.  Thereafter, on a daily basis, they would move me into more Yoga poses at different times during the day.  The Yoga poses were something I’d never experienced before.

One day, a friend dropped by unexpectedly.  After we chatted for 10 minutes, the Angels stepped in and put me through another workout.  I had no choice but to move into Yoga positions while she sat and watched.  They told me later it was a demonstration of the presence and the power of God and the Angels, to heighten her awareness so she fully understood who guided her as well.

The exercises were sometimes difficult and included repetitions of back-bends, among other things.  At times, I found myself becoming quite resistant because I felt quite busy and had other things to do.  Like an impatient child, each time there was a pause, I’d repeatedly ask, “Is it over?  Is it over?”

On June 14, 2015, the Angels began speaking and telling me what move was next.  At the same time, they lectured me and requested that I show more initiative.  That’s all it took to spark my enthusiasm!  The next day, I rolled out of bed, knelt and prayed on my Yoga mat, and the movements began.

On June 16, 2015, around 2:30am, I was half asleep but could feel the sensation of my knees being raised and moved to the left and right.  After much gentle rocking, back and forth, I suddenly crashed and fell hard on my right side.  Now fully awake, I suddenly realized the Angels had been putting me through Yoga positions in my sleep!

The Angels are now helping me document each session, walking me through the bits I’ve forgotten.  I’ve been taught that Yoga is prayer so everything starts with Lord’s Prayer to God, so here is the beginning of a session:

“All should be doing the Lord’s Prayer with bowed heads, whether crippled or flexible, every morning upon waking and every night before falling asleep.  You will teach yourself first, then teach others.”  Channelled message from God

Last night, at Meditation Monday, God asked me to demonstrate The Lord’s Prayer on a Yoga mat.

Deep Trance Yoga – The Lord’s Prayer – for the less flexible

If you have no flexibility, Simply bow your head, hold your hands in prayer, kneel if you’re able to do so, touch your heart chakra with hands in prayer, raise your palms and touch your lips (as if you were telling someone to be quiet with prayer palms), then raise your palms and touch your forehead with the base of your thumbs.  Now point your palms to the floor and bring them into your solar plexus.  Next, allow your hands to move to your side, raised at elbow height, with open palms.  Bring your hands together so they’re cupped, at your solar plexus, raise your head and look up to God, allowing your head to tilt back

Deep Trance Yoga – The Lord’s Prayer – for the more flexible

Repeat the Lord’s Prayer keeping palms together in prayer, as follows:

Kneel, sit back on feet, hands to solar plexus…….Our Father, who art in heaven,
Praying hands to lips……………………………………..hallowed be thy name.
Praying hands to forehead………………………..…..Thy kingdom come,
Hands stay on forehead as you bow your head………………..Thy will be done,
Tuck chin to chest, push praying hands forward……on Earth, as it is in Heaven.
Forearms on floor, touch forehead to floor……Give us this day our daily bread,
Keep praying hands stretched forward on floor………and forgive us our trespasses
Slowly raise head & look forward……as we forgive those who trespass against us
Drop head to floor keeping hands still……….…And lead us away from temptation,
Keep forehead touching floor, palms in prayer….……and deliver us from evil.
Keep forehead touching floor, palms in prayer………..For thine is the Kingdom, Thy will be my will. Thy will be my will…
Slowly raise head again and look forward….……Thy will be my will….
Drop head again ’til forehead touches floor……….…Thy will be my will….
Keeping palms in prayer, slowly sit upright……………..Thy will be my will….
Praying hands follow – floor, knees, legs, to heart…………Thy will be my will…
Touch praying hands to lips……………………….……Thy will be my will….
Touch praying palms to forehead………………..…….Thy will be my will.
Hands fall to side, bend elbows, palms up in “Completion”………..…….Amen


  1. Jack Polonka says:


    Spontaneous yoga asanas and mudras is a sign of a more active Kundalini (in your case, with some “Guidence”…. 🙂 ). Have you done any yoga asana as part of your practice before this occured?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Jack,
      Hope you’re very well! Thank you for your comment and question. I just channeled and asked about asanas and they said, “No Elizabeth, you have not done asanas with the Ascended Masters before. You see Jack, Elizabeth is in training. She has been put through intensive Yoga poses for 1 to ten hours per day since May 22 in order to Ascend and in order to teach all her students this new Yoga of Ascension which is being taught through Elizabeth by the Ascended Masters.”
      Jack, my channel has been widening exponentially and is now 3 inches wider than my shoulders. Everyone has a channel to God, Jesus, the Archangels and Angels. I was shown mine during an intensive Yoga session. It’s like existing in another realm while being physically “on” the planet.
      It’s not just Yoga. They have been putting me through intensive healing sessions throughout the day and night.You would benefit from the teachings Jack. I have clients on Skype who receive messages, healing, they go through past life regressions, and are also taught customized Yoga poses for their specific issues, among other things. It is unlike anything else on the planet at this time so I’m very grateful to be doing this work.
      Thank you again.