Reincarnation. When will it stop?

Sunset Kiss“It’s like déjà vu all over again.”
Yogi Berra

In dreams, meditation and past life regression, memories of previous lifetimes come flooding back.  To me, reincarnation feels like playing the lead role in a re-run of your own epic movie.  Perhaps your movie’s full of comedy and laughter.  Or, perhaps your movie, like mine, always ended in tragedy and heart break.

My book, Diamond Lantern, describes my earliest experiences with reincarnation.  Think of a movie where two star-crossed lovers are cruelly torn apart by adverse circumstances. The heroine is left to carry on alone. Despite feeling like a knife just cut away part of her soul, she keeps going, walking toward one challenge after another.

When you really get caught-up in an epic film, you might begin to feel what it’s like to stand in the hero’s shoes.  It quickly becomes your movie.  Despite unbearable pain, you continue to focus on the task at hand – your life’s purpose. Completely immersed in your journey, the hero’s journey, you wonder, will the pain ever subside?  A tear in your eye reminds you that only death can reunite you with your beloved in the afterlife.  With a heavy heart, you carry on, wondering if it’s humanly possible to complete your life’s mission.

After a painful and tragic ending, you leave the theater but purchase the film to replay it later on DVD.  When the movie plays again, you re-experience all the good parts – how the lovers met, their joy, harmony and love and once again, are moved by the great heights in their relationship.  Despite knowing the tragic conclusion, you play the movie to the end.  You feel devastated when the lovers are cruelly separated by fate, circumstances, or bad choices.

You laugh, you cry, and re-live the whole movie all over again.
That’s what reincarnation feels like. 

While recalling previous lifetimes, I have often wondered, “How many times must I go through these painful scenarios again and again?”  The answer comes and I hear a calm wise voice speak, “As many times as it takes.”  That is so annoying! However, I also know that each lifetime is by design.  The cycle of reincarnation won’t stop until we learn our life’s lessons.  We are all connected so everyone is counting on the other people on this planet to each fulfill their life’s mission. 

If you’re here to learn about letting go, standing alone, and loving yourself instead of seeking love outside yourself, everyone you love, at some point, will fall away.  If you’re here to accomplish a specific task, it will always be presented in a way that provides you with the best growth opportunity.  What better way to grow than through the types of major challenges that come with pain, sorrow and adversity?

How many lifetimes have we lived and re-lived?  Remembering previous lifetimes can be a great blessing, but there are days when it feels more like a curse.  When you see your mistakes re-enacted over and over again, when you feel your heart breaking repeatedly, it’s a clue that your life’s lessons haven’t been learned yet.  The fact that you’re still alive is another clue that your mission is incomplete.

The name of the game is detachment, beautifully taught by Buddha.  Another lesson is to sacrifice yourself for love, painfully and memorably taught by Jesus dying on the cross. 

We can all stop the cycle of reincarnation and fulfill our respective missions in this lifetime.  The keys are to love yourself, open-up, become more aware of your hopes, dreams, talents, gifts and abilities, your life’s purpose, plus identify and correct your destructive patterns.  Most important: RELAX!  Trust trust trust!  Don’t try to do this all yourself.  Friends are here to help you along the way. Divinity is always guiding you.  Let go, let grow, and let God.

In light and Love,