On Being Alone

Running“It is strange to be known so universally
and yet to be so lonely.”
  Albert Einstein

In high school, the titles of a poetry book, “Nobody But Yourself” and a poem called, “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner,” were memorable because of their profound truths. Being human can be a lonely experience. There are days when life feels like a long distance endurance test, plodding or racing toward a particular goal or dream. On other days, it can feel like a prison sentence of solitary confinement in your own head.  Life is lonely because no one except you can truly understand how you feel.  Because of that, communication, or the lack thereof, is a major problem.  Poor communication has been getting the planet into trouble for centuries.  

Like every problem, most solutions rest with each one of us.  Think globally. Act locally.  When you heal yourself, you heal the world because, at some level, we’re all connected.

It’s easy to get caught-up in the physical world.  By focusing only on your five senses, you could argue all day long that what you see, hear, taste, touch or smell is reality.  However, many people with a more Buddhist philosophy think the physical world is imagined. Some prominent scientists have a philosophy that reality is actually a hologram.  Real, imagined or a hologram, more people are realizing that the Earth is a school and that we’re here to learn, help each other, and develop into higher conscious beings.

When you really tune-in, you can become aware that you’re never alone.  Higher conscious beings, angelic beings, and loved ones that have passed are always with you.  The non-physical world of spirit sees your divine light.  They see it in every person and in every creature on the planet.  If everyone could see what they see, it’s more likely that negativity would become a things of the past.  Positive thoughts, words and actions would become the norm.  Also, I suspect we’d all be vegetarians.

People who have spent a lot of time in deep states of meditation or hypnosis have commented that our feelings and thoughts are visible.  In my book, Diamond Lantern, I’ve documented my own experiences. When I tune into a person’s aura, it becomes clear as to whether a person’s feeling agitated, unwell or calm.  Their energy usually appears beautifully misty, but can also move like an electrical storm, or appear dark.  Seasoned astral travelers and consciousness explorers such as Robert Monroe, Thomas Campbell, and Joe McMoneagle, reported that beings they encountered on the astral plane could see and sense everything they felt or thought.  They also experienced how thoughts were actually things and came to the conclusion that we create reality as we go along.

In the physical world, you can often feel truly alone with your thoughts.  However, when you meditate and learn to tune-in to your spirit or soul, you begin to achieve a far more heightened awareness and sensitivity, also known as intuition.  Someone with the ability to tune into the energy and emotions of others is called an Empath.  However, you don’t need to be an Empath to develop empathy.  In my opinion, more empathy will improve communication, make people feel better, and probably save a few lives.

Wishing you light, love and empathy!

Elizabeth Rose