How to Heal Your Body, Heart and Soul

A vibrant rainbow arcs across Norfolk Bay on the Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia.

“Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” Maya Angelou

I’m a classically trained hypnotist who spent so many hours in trance, non-physical guides began communicating with me and I became a deep trance channel.

The other night, I saw an excerpt from a lovely children’s cartoon that was based on the Movie The Last Air Bender.  It neatly summarized what happens when I go into trance and channel.  Angelic beings step-into me and use my vocal chords to deliver messages, they also work through me to remove any mental, emotional or physical blocks trapped in your energy field.

The Angels (and other heavenly guides) approach your healing from different angles, which may include energy transmissions, guiding you into a past life, a future life progression, an energy release, a journey to the life between lives, or anything else they deem beneficial.  Once they clear your entire chakra system, your energy begins to shift.  Once you heal within, your reality can begin to change.

For example, last night, a new client explained that the lady who referred her had two sessions with me that she described as “life changing.”  Since I’m just the “channel,” I’m not thinking or using my brain, so I rarely remember most sessions, and sincerely appreciate the positive feedback!

Your Chakra System

When the Angels cleanse your chakra system, in any number of ways, their goal is to provide you with peace, love and balance, so you can bring peace, love and balance to the world around you.  The ultimate goal is balance, i.e. no extremes, just a lovingly neutral state.

Chakras are pools of spiraling energy that allow Cosmic energy to flow freely throughout your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.  Once all the chakras are cleansed, pure Cosmic and Spiritual energies flow more freely and you’ll begin to step into your magnificence.  My clients report feeling better, much lighter, achieving more heightened awareness, having spiritual gifts surface, their life changing, and the list goes on.

To heal yourself,  focus on a negative emotion, allow it to float-up into your awareness, and really FEEL any fear, sadness, or anger. Then release it through tears, screams, running up-a-hill, or whatever works best for you.

Alternatively, you can try a channelled session with me, and the Angels will release your blocks through me.   They work quickly and will do pretty much anything to heal you, including pushing your agony into me and making me cry your tears!  That started happening a few years ago and took me by surprize.  At first, I resisted, but now, I just roll with it.  There may be no emotions expressed during a session, but sometimes, tears will start without warning, and stop just as suddenly.  After, clients have told me they feel much lighter.

“I lost about 20 pounds of physical weight through the food guidance system, and about 100 pounds of karmic baggage.  I am eternally grateful, now I can see ‘beyond the veil.'”                                                                      Theresa Walton, NB, Canada

“I felt things starting to shift today.  I can tell by the feeling in my body that it is higher development going on – possibly a general energy shift. However, I think this one was just for me and has to do with getting ready for our work tomorrow.  Can’t wait!”
                                                                                                                                                          Deanna M.,  NB, Canada 

The healing that came from this session was physically obvious for me, as I walked in the clouds for the rest of the weekend and couldn’t contain the pure joy I felt.  Thank you again Elizabeth. Channeled readings from you are going to become a regular part of my spiritual nourishment practice.”                                                                           Sherry Tholenaer, Business Coach, AB, Canada

To better understand how to surface your emotions and energy blocks, the following is a general description of your chakra system:

Earth or Root Chakra – Located at the Base of the Spine – Deals with survival – Characterized by a feeling of safety and security – Blocked by Fear – What are you most afraid of?  Face your fears!  Surrender your fears.  Let the emotions flow to unblock and open your Earth Chakra.

Water or Sacral Chakra – Located at the center of your belly, 3 inches below your belly button – Deals with Emotions and Pleasure – Characterized by flow and flexibility – Blocked by Guilt.  What do you blame yourself for?  Accept the reality that things happen, but do not allow them to poison your energy.  Forgive everyone who’s made you feel guilty, and forgive yourself!

Fire or Power Chakraa – Located in the solar plexus – Deals with willpower, asserting your authority, and achieving harmony with those around you – Blocked by Shame.  What are your biggest disappointments in yourself?  Accept who you are.  Accept this part of your life.

We feel guilt around things we’ve done.  We feel shame about who we are.  Letting go of guilt and shame can set your soul free!  In my experience, God, Christ, the Buddha, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, and all non-physical Guides, have been non-judgmental, unconditionally loving, and supportive.  They forgive all your transgressions and encourage you to forgive yourself.

Air or Heart Chaka – Located at the centre of the chest – Deals with love – Blocked by Grief – Lay all your grief out in front of you.   Love is energy swirling all around you.  Those you have loved and lost are still all around you energetically, and can be reborn as new love in your life.

Sound or Throat Chakra – Located at the base of the throat – Deals with Truth – Blocked by the lies that we tell ourselves.  You cannot lie about your own nature.  Accept that you are who you are, with all your gifts, talents, abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Light or Third Eye Chakra – Located in the forehead, just above the area between the eyes.  Deals with Insight – Blocked by illusion, the greatest illusion being separation.  We are all one people but we live as if divided.  Everything and everyone is connected.  All elements are a part of the same thing.

Crown Chakra – Located on-top or slightly above the head – Deals with consciousness and pure cosmic energy  – Blocked by Earthly Attachment.  Let all of your attachments go, release them, them flow away, forgotten.  Learn to let go of all you love or you cannot achieve higher consciousness and let the pure cosmic energy flow.  When you realize there is nothing, and no one, that we can truly hold onto forever, then you become open and allow.  Once you “allow,” then the pure Cosmic Energy flows more smoothly, for the highest good.  In this way you can come closer to achieving the Buddha, Christ Conscious or Avatar state of being.

To attract unconditional love, and really FEEL the love of someone else,
forgive everyone who hurt you, forgive yourself for every mistake you ever made, and appreciate yourself for everything you’ve learned from those mistakes, and enjoy a Wonderful Day!