How to SHINE!

The ForceThis morning, I woke-up at 2:00 am and thought to myself, I can be such a doubter!  I’m a hypnotist and energy healer who has witnessed countless miracles.  Yet, with all that,  when life’s highs and lows hit, my faith still ebbs and flows.  How many miracles must I experience to restore my faith?  Let me count:

This past week was FILLED with miracles, starting with breathing.  Breathing was something I took for granted.  However, I was reminded by Santari Green, a UK-based life coach, visiting my  friend and transformational coach, Krista Moore, that each breath is divine.

During a lively and delicious lunch at Buddha’s Vegetarian Kitchen, Santari held my hands, looked into my eyes, and transmitted energy.  Instantly, I found myself deep in trance.  It was a powerful experience that greatly boosted my own energy.

Later, Krista hosted Santari’s workshop.  Once again, Santari had me gaze into his eyes, but this time, instructed me to expand and transmit my own energy to the people in the room, in the city, and the entire planet.  Using the power of focus, I did my best to expand then transmit my energy, as he directed.

A gifted clairvoyant happened to attend the same workshop and I was thrilled when she provided instant feedback.  She reported seeing my energy suddenly brighten, radiate outward,  then a vision of lights appeared, as if igniting around the world.  Indeed, I had visualized igniting people’s hearts in the same way you would ‘flick a BIC‘ lighter.

Today, I was having lunch with a friend when he said, “What are you doing?”  Surprised, I asked, “What do you mean?”  He said, “I feel like I’m out-of-body!”  I said, “Really?  It’s not me!”  Curious, I tuned into his aura and it looked like a purple force field stretched up, high above his head.  To bring him back ‘down to Earth’ I explained how to ground then watched as his energy settled back into his body.  He said he was ‘back’ and the rest of the lunch was uneventful.  However, just before we left the restaurant, he asked me to touch the point of my index finger to his.  I asked, “Like in ET, the movie?”  He said, “Yes!”  This made me laugh but I complied with his request. Using Santari’s technique, I pulled Mother Earth’s energy into my feet, pulled in divine energy from above, then transmitted all that LOVE through my index finger.  When he told me he could feel my energy shoot through his finger, up his arm, to his shoulder, I was more surprised than he was.

Later on, I tried the same thing with another friend.  At first, he felt nothing. Then gradually, he reported feeling an electrical surge that remained constant.  I also felt a zap of electricity at the tip of my index finger.

There you have it folks.  It’s all real.  Step into your magnificence.

Do Try This At Home:
Pull in Mother Earth’s energy from below,
Divine Light from above, …and SHINE!

Light and Love,



  1. Jack Polonka says:


    Loved your Great post! I just have one question for you. The post mentioned that you showed your friend on how to ground himself to get him “back down to Earth”. Can you tell us what the technique is? Thanks.

    Peace and blessings,



    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Jack!
      Thank you. That’s a great question. To ground yourself, imagine roots growing beneath your feet, deep into the Earth. Visualize Mother Earth’s energy flowing up, to your left foot, up your leg, across your pelvis, and down into your right leg, out your right foot, and into the ground. Next, imagine energy flowing up from Mother Earth into your right foot, up your leg, across your pelvis, and down your left leg, left foot, and deep into the ground. (You can start with either foot). Do this before you walk into any meeting and you will be fully grounded plus your energy will be protected.