Aura Colours: Purple = Balance

“From the political angle, I’m trying to be apolitical if you will. I mean people say, ‘Are you a red state or blue state?’, I say, ‘I’m purple.’ I think there are great ideas on both sides of the aisle and neither side has cornered the market.”  Brad Thor, Author

There are many layers in the auric field, the electro-magnetic field that surrounds people.  Generally, I notice the first two layers radiating around people.

It’s easy for most people to see layers of the auric field with the naked eye.  The first layer appears as a highlight against the skin, about an eighth of an inch in thickness.  I call this the etheric aura.  The next layer is a large misty oval that surrounds the body and projects outward at least two or three feet.  I call this the main aura.  Auras colours appear with the intensity of a rainbow.  These colours indicate personality traits.  The etheric and main aura indicate the personality you were born with.

Purple is both a royal and a spiritual colour.  When I see a purple aura, this indicates a person with ‘nobility of purpose’.  It tells me that these people are waking-up and becoming more aware that they are spirits having a human experience.  When I chat with them, I’m never surprized to hear they have noble goals and are living on-purpose.  Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. It is a combination of warm red and cool blue so it indicates a person who is balanced.

Purple is the colour of the Crown chakra, the energy centre that communicates to the non-physical world, to the Universe, to the Creator.  People with a purple aura have good intentions.  They cannot rest unless they are making a positive impact.  When people with a purple aura try to intentionally be selfish, they’re not comfortable.  A purple aura is the colour of people seeking spiritual fulfillment.

These days, I notice the colour of purple most prominently on the outer edge of people’s skin in their etheric aura.  This has become a relatively common sight.  To me, this is an exciting and optimistic sign because purple is such a wonderful combination of nobility and divinity.  With so many people radiating purple light, there is hope for us all because their energy is constantly being transmitted.  That’s why we’re told to think positive thoughts.  Human beings are energy transmitters.  Our thoughts and feelings impact everyone around us.

Our planet has a purple aura.  I think this is why mountains look purple in the distance.  Mother Earth’s aura is easiest to see at dusk or dawn, when the light is dim and diffused.  It’s a wonderful reminder that Mother Earth is both divine and on purpose, like many humans.  We all share our journey with her.  Matter is energy and thoughts are things.  When you send Mother Earth love and gratitude, it makes her feel much better, which makes us all feel better!

Learn to See and Read Auras.

Practice makes perfect!

Elizabeth Rose, Diamond Lantern


  1. your article reflects my quality very much. I can see my aura of just 1 inch and just on skin above. It looks sometimes indigo, but 90% purple. I cannot exactly see what my upper head have color, but my whole body with 1/2 inch same color. Is it right to have only 1 color. I am glad if you reply me. I am already awaken and using my visualization and awareness for well-being on career, Earth and of-course other worlds just like that. Recently i came to know about Aura, before that i just spent time for my-self and about life evolution. I never did any meditation or believed anything, but a little more curious to ancient civilizations for their technology??!!!. May i know relation between colors and energy or vibrations. As before 2011, i suffered much on health problems, but overcome by self-confident or too anxiety on world problems lol. As i have no idea about these colors weather they are true or false but little familiar and curious especially purple(my favorite) what i recently observed. Thank-you for this marvelous post. 🙂

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Good eye! Indigo reflects your intuition – often seen around your head. If indigo appears by your eyes, you’re probably clairvoyant, and if the indigo is by your ears, you’re likely clair-audient, and so on. Blue on your hands can indicate healing energy. To understand the vibrations, research the chakras. Also, The Monroe Institute research suggests that there are 7 levels of consciousness (7 for plants, 7 for animals, 7 for humans). This information is on-line. From what I’ve seen, the aura of the non-physical spirit is different than the aura of our human body. Everything has an aura – animals, plants, metal, etc. In my book, “Diamond Lantern: Waking-Up To Who You Really Are” I describe the personalities reflected by the different auras colours.
      Happy researching!