Adam McLeod Dreamhealer in Toronto

Dr Adam Dreamhealer

On Saturday, renowned energy healer, Adam McLeod of Dreamhealer was back in town to present an educational workshop and two group healings at the Marriott Toronto Airport.  The young man who remotely healed Ronnie Hawkins of pancreatic cancer ten years ago is now a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.  Next year he’ll establish a Naturopathic Healing Clinic in Vancouver.  The new building is already in the works.

As a hypnotist and hands-on healer, I’m grateful for Adam’s tireless quest to understand scientifically how intention heals.  People come from around the world to attend his workshops.  Soon, he’ll be presenting in the US. His research and presentations are changing attitudes and energy healing is rapidly gaining acceptance globally.

Adam focuses on the root cause of problems, not the symptoms.  His presentation covered a fascinating range of topics including inflammation and chronic disease, the science of aging, and the future of medicine. 

During his talk, Adam explained that healing with intention influences yourself plus everyone around you so it’s important to have positive thoughts at all times.  He explored how intention can impact your DNA, also known as Epigenetics.  How you perceive your environment affects your biochemistry.  Certainly, we all know that calm people will consistently be healthier than stressed people over the long term.

On the topic of stress and inflammation, Adam explained that when you’re upset, there’s a direct neurological connection to your gut. Interestingly, your skin and gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) are continuous, like a donut shape, so any gut issues will show-up on your skin.  Inflammation in your gut is largely due to stress and diet.  An inflamed gut attracts water (bloating) which can be a temporary discomfort.  However, when the GI tract is inflamed over a long period of time, the chronic inflammation damages the cells and results in something called “leaky gut”. In a healthy gut, cells are positioned tightly together.  In contrast, the damaged cells in a leaky gut are held loosely together which results in particles leaking into the blood stream that shouldn’t be there.  This can break down the immune system and result in a wide range of chronic diseases including skin cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and congestive heart failure.

To improve your nutrition he suggests adding glutamine, probiotics and omega 3s.  For additional nutrition information, check-out my blog on “Meat-eaters, Vegetarians and Vegans have the Same Mortality Rates Unless…  !

In terms of energy, Adam can feel the breakdown of an immune system in a person’s energy field saying it feels like “stuff”  stuck to a person’s aura.  When he moves his hand through it, the stagnant energy sticks to him and he simply shakes it off.

Adam continued his talk by describing cell memory, the best example being a heart transplant where the recipient takes on the personality of the donor.  Adam explained that when you’ve been ill for many years, your cells remember the illness so the illness can repeatedly flare-up.  Each cell is conscious and also conscious of its environment and your mind’s job is to coordinate all the cells to get them working together.  Adam suggests you boost your health by having conversations with your cells.  Let them know you’re the boss and it’s time to forget the old disease and remember the new healthy state of being.  This is also an effective healing technique used in hypnosis.  In a trance state, your subconscious mind is more receptive to instructions that re-program your body and re-wire your mind for improved habits and healing.

This was just a snap-shot of Adam’s presentation.Every time I attend Adam’s healing sessions, I have an interesting experience.  This time, my leg started bouncing around and my head did some curious and sudden movements.  

The bottom-line is that Adam teaches these workshops so that you can use the information, the visualization techniques, and your own intention to heal yourself, your family and the world around you.

Stay calm, positive and be well! 


  1. It was so very funny, nice and wonderful to see you, Elizabeth, in a face-to-face meeting. I walked away feeling real good, from both Adams workshop as well as from you. Thank you!
    Love, Light and Joy

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Carina, What a joy it was to meet you and Mona. You are wonderful people. Dinner was lovely and thank you for that beautiful print! You are a gifted artist with an important message. You both made the day very special.
      Light, Love and Joy :o)

  2. Carol Vautour says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I would love to meet Adam. Perhaps it’s in my future. This article is really interesting to me since I am a healer. How wonderful it would be to learn what he has to teach. This line of thinking is believable to me as I told you before that I read ” Seth ” . It is along the same lines. Looking forward to seeing you again. Carol

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Carol,
      Happy New Year! Thank you for your comment. Adam’s workshops are excellent, highly educational and I’ve experienced healing at each one. In addition, I’ve found Adam and his family to be kind, compassionate and genuine people. Here’s one of the earliest articles on Adam in Rolling Stone:
      Looking forward to seeing you soon!