Adam McLeod and the Power of Intention

“Never underestimate your own power in your health and healing.  Visualizations are tools for you to use. Your response to them is an individual process.”
Adam McLeod, Dreamhealer

Yesterday, I attended THE SEED EVENT in Calgary – a day with acclaimed authors, speakers, teachers and leaders with cutting-edge insight and tools for improved well-being.  Remote healer, Adam McLeod presented in the evening and his lecture was one of the highlights.

Adam has written and published numerous books and instructional videos on how to remote heal using the power of intention.  A powerful energy healer with telekinetic ability, Adam sees the energy fields around people’s bodies as holograms.  If an illness becomes visible to him, he can use the power of his thoughts to treat the problem area.  These days, he does mass healings at educational workshops where he teaches his techniques to the masses.  In my own experience, these techniques work well.  Also, Adam’s group treatments have several times put me back on the road to health.

Taking the academic approach, Adam achieved a B.Sc. First Class Honors in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry in an effort to understand and explain his healing ability through science.  Last night, he explained how thoughts fire neurons and release both chemicals and energy.  As a result, our thoughts have a measurable biochemical effect on everyone around us.  Not surprisingly, Adam recommended thinking only positive thoughts whenever possible.

He explained how our senses (e.g. sight, sound, taste, touch, smell) tell our cells what environment we’re in.  However, thoughts and emotions come into play because our perception of that environment impacts our biochemistry either positively or negatively.  Using the example of two employees doing the same job in the same work environment, Adam described how one worker who loves his job will have a strong immune system whereas the other worker who detests his job will have a measurably weaker immune system.  Adam  also described how identical twins with identical genes at birth will, by middle age, have completely different genes because of the impact of their environment.  This is because proteins, which affect all aspects of our metabolism, are super-sensitive to the environment.

Just for the record, yesterday, I was suffering from a painful and annoying sinus infection and had been considering visiting the doctor to get some antibiotics.  Today, the symptoms (stinging, burning, and plugged nasal passages) have ‘miraculously’ disappeared.  During Adam’s healing session last night, I used his ‘flames’ visualization to imagine my entire body heating up and my sinus passages becoming red hot until the infection was incinerated in a cloud of smoke.

Here are Adam’s basic requirements for visualization:

  1. Understand the problem
  2. Understand the mechanism for the body healing itself
  3. Understand what perfect health looks like

His books and visualization techniques are available at his web site

Adam’s ability and the techniques seem quite miraculous.  However, he cautions that health always depends on the body’s ability to heal itself so it’s important to take care of yourself, eat healthy foods, get a proper amount of sleep.

To Your Good Health!