On February 11, 2001, Elizabeth Rose experienced an abrupt awakening that she wasn’t ready for. Suddenly finding herself with one foot on the ground and the other foot in the non-physical world of spirit, Elizabeth set off on a quest to understand what was going on, with herself, with others, and with Planet Earth.

After February 11th, the next few years were filled with nightmares and prophetic visions forecasting tragic or painful events. However, in 2005, things shifted from the negative to positive when Elizabeth began to receive a different kind of guidance.

The vision of a diamond lantern appeared and this symbol led her along a new path towards higher consciousness. The Diamond Lantern is the story of Elizabeth’s quest to find answers, to understand who she really is, and what her role is in this lifetime. Her book is also a call to action and a guideline for others who find themselves on a similar path.

ELIZABETH ROSE is an Author, Public Speaker, Certified Master Clinical Hypnotist, NGH Certified Trainer, Certified Healing Arts Practitioner, and Consultant who also Channels divine guidance.  Previously, Elizabeth worked with pension funds,  foundations and endowments as a Chartered Investment Manager.  In her 21 year career, Elizabeth provided counseling to institutional, political, and Aboriginal leaders.  She also provided business coaching and sales training plus consulted on economic development projects with a special focus on social responsibility and environmental sustainability.