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The Moral to the Twin Flame Story

"Every parting gives a foretaste of death, every reunion a hint of the resurrection." Arthur Schopenhauer These days, I've been guided to combine hypnosis, healing and channeling. Whether working with clients directly, via Skype or telephone, they often receive channeled messages, energy healing, hypnosis, and yoga, all at the same time. Recently, I've noticed an interesting twist.  While deep in trance, more clients are finding themselves connecting to their twin souls. One woman from the
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What’s Good About Hate Mail?

“The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.” Atisha I've been posting blogs since 2010 and received my first hate mail.  Just one hate note in five years tells me that most people are pretty wonderful. Sadly, people who hurt others are often very hurt themselves.  This person is not a client and never purchased a session but sent the following message: "You totally fake psychic whore. You are clueless."   Walking back from the store today, I was carrying a stack of bins with lids
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